Sebago Sales, LLC

119 Quail Trail
Buxton, Maine  04093

Tel 207-727-6100
Fax 207-727-6105

Who We Are

Sebago Sales provides a focus for sales efforts for OEM component parts manufacturers in the Six New England States.

Our primary function is as manufacturer's representatives for a select handful of high quality, service oriented manufacturers and service suppliers. During the past several years, we have assisted many of our manufacturers and clients with the design and development of sales and marketing programs, literature pieces, and with on-line web sites. In all instances, our assistance has facilitated sales growth to unprecedented levels. 

Expanded Services

We have expanded our ability to offer similar services to New England clients. From new or start up enterprises, to well established companies looking for a new image or an on-line presence, Sebago Sales' Graphics Group can cost effectively meet your needs in a timely fashion. And, without the headaches that are normally associated with developing these promotional programs and literature pieces. Please call and we will arrange a convenient appointment to discuss the easy procedure for getting your sales growing. We have a full service graphics development, desktop publishing, and printing capability. We always have the best price! And, can provide you with the very best results!

Web Site Design and Development

Web site design and development has become an important part of our business plan. We work with the best and least expensive hosting sites, and do all of our web design and development in-house. We can provide you with a cost effective, working site, to YOUR specifications, for much less than the bigger companies. We have lots of success stories.

Marketing Studies

Sebago Sales can also provide marketing & sales studies for your new products. Have an idea or an invention that you would like to pursue? Don't know how? Want to avoid those costly mistakes? We can point you in the right directions with a custom developed study, which you can use as a "cookbook," with step by step methods to make it happen. All of our studies are completely confidential, and reasonably priced. We have helped many clients save thousands of dollars, and get their products to the right markets quickly. Call us, and let us help you, too!


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